S7: Dahlia’s Speech


For this Creative Writing assignment, I was supposed to write about my main character in my novella, The Healer of Istagun, making a speech. Here, Dahlia makes a speech to humans about rising above Queen Hazina’s gripping control (also I read world history for almost 3 hours today, so maybe some of that is affecting some of this speech too ;P). I hope you enjoy! 😊

Humans crowded around me, eager to hear what I had to say. A speech, they cried! And didn’t I have plenty to say? Yet in the face of these people I wanted to contract into a ball and hide away forever in a dark cave. My mind blanked, and I couldn’t think of a single word. Where was the passion I had when I poured out long monologues into the night to the empty audiences of silence?

Tarquin leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Just talk about the queen.”

The queen. Oh, that horrid, mystical creature! Tarquin knew how to get me going.

I cleared my throat. “Well, Queen Hazina is… awful.”

To my relief, the crowd cheered. So, I soon forgot about them and began to think of only the queen’s awful deeds. “She certainly is trying to destroy us. The Treelanders are a stronger species of humans, and they will make Istagun produce a better economy. It’s simple and practical in her mind.”

I squeezed my eyes shut and then opened them again, drawing a deep breath. “She wants us all to die from the plague, but we can’t let her have her way. We have a reason to live beyond working the orchards of Spring, the fields of Summer and Autumn, or dying in the snowstorms of Winter. We’re worth something to each other and that is enough reason to stay alive. Even if the Treelanders become her laboring force in her economical world, we’ll always be forces of love in our own little worlds.”

Tarquin smiled at me as the crowd roared with enthusiasm.

Bolstered by everyone’s fervent support, I continued. “Gesu has given us the power to love beyond our natural abilities as humans. His healing not only restores our physical bodies, but restores our inner souls. With his powers, I’ve found the values of kindness, joy, and peace resonating within me. Not only that, but faith in Gesu himself ties us in with an eternal story that brings us to a place we can finally say: this is right; this is how I’ve always wanted it to be. Our souls our fulfilled through Gesu, now and even after we die. I do not know how I know this, but Gesu teaches our spirits beyond normal communication.” I glanced up at the wondrous spectacle of stars. “And here we are, together, forever. Queen Hazina has no power over us, whether we die or stay alive. Long live Gesu!”

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