The Thrall’s Sword

Now introducing my novel, The Thrall’s Sword! This is my Christian historical YA novel, at present unpublished–but by God’s grace, it won’t be for long. Keep a look out for updates! Follow my author blog to get updates:

On the night Sigrid escapes death on a fiery longship, she loses her mother. Will sweet revenge or a foreign god free her from despair?

The seventeen-year-old Norse slave Sigrid escapes her sacrificial fate in the afterlife, just as the Lord Joar of Bergen murders her mother. When two fishermen rescue her from the seas, the grief-stricken Sigrid joins them on their mission to warn the Irish of the oncoming Viking raiders, secretly plotting to destroy the Lord who has done her wrong. However, as the Irishman Erik teaches Sigrid about God, a power starts to work inside her, transforming her hate into forgiveness—but she doesn’t realize it until the moment of her deepest misery.

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7 thoughts on “The Thrall’s Sword

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  2. Sounds awesome! Nothing wrong with wanting to be published but make sure to check out self publishing as well. Ultimately, do whatever it is Hod has placed in your heart. May seem tuff at times but it’ll happen for you. You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

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    • Thank you so much! Yes, I’ve checked out self publishing. If I’m not able to get my book traditionally published, I plan to go that route. 🙂 I really feel led to do traditional publishing though, so we shall see! God bless!


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