CW3: Brer Rabbit’s Giant Table


Creative writing assignment: write an original Brer Rabbit story using colloquialism, repetition, things coming in threes, the harmless trickster Brer Rabbit who always wins, etc. This was a stretch for me, lol! Enjoy!

Brer Rabbit was off his knocker, or so his friends said. He’d created a giant table in his rabbit hole and invited a gang of rabbits and foxes to come for a party to celebrate his birthday.

“Bring yer favorite food to the table so we c’n all take a bite!” he wrote on the invitation.

Brer Fox thought the idea so strange that he almost didn’t come at all. “He thinks we can all be friends—foxes and rabbits alike?”

The sour fox knew of only one thing he wanted on his table—that rascal Brer Rabbit.

And so that Brer Fox rounded up his old fox pals and they all agreed that Brer Rabbit had no business trying to get the foxes to be vegetarians. And they most assuredly agreed that this too-friendly rabbit would make a fine feast for them all.

“We’re gonna turn the table on ‘em!” Brer Fox laughed. He meant it in more than one way, so his pals laughed, too.

So on the night of the party, Brer Rabbit sat in his old hole and greeted the guests that came in with bundles of grass and leaves to feast on. Soon each rabbit he’d invited had arrived, but not one fox had made his appearance.

The rabbits began feasting happily on the vegetation, when Brer Rabbit suddenly looked up to see Brer Fox arriving. The rabbits stopped their chatter and watched him come in with their jaws dropped wide.

Brer Fox brought out a pitcher and set it on the table.

“Welcome, Brer Fox,” Brer Rabbit said politely. “What have ya brought to share with us?”

The fox sat down in a chair. “A pitcha’ of water—and how are you, Brer Rabbit?”

Brer Rabbit ignored Brer Fox’s toothy smile. “Will ya pass me the pitcher, please?”

The rabbit guests handed the pitcher to Brer Rabbit, who poured himself a cup.

“Looks a little reddish to me, Brer Fox,” said Brer Rabbit.

Brer Fox gave a toothy smile and turned in his chair. “Oh, yer just seeing the beet juice I added for more color.”

Brer Rabbit’s eyes opened up real wide. “What’s that on your fur, Brer Fox?”

Brer Fox looked at his arms and legs and all over himself but couldn’t find a thing.

While Brer fox and his pals were puzzled as could be, Brer Rabbit set the cup aside on a fireplace and took a sip of another drink and gagged. “What did ya put in that pitcher, Brer Fox?”

Forgetting about his puzzlement, Brer Fox turned in his chair and gave a toothy smile. “Oh, yer just tasting the salt I added for more flavor.”

Brer Rabbit’s eyes began to water. “It’s stinging my eyes!” he cried.

Brer Fox whistled and his fox buddies came rushing into the rabbit hole with nets and knives in tow.

“Beat ‘em, boys!” Brer Fox shouted out to his crew.

The foxes turned that giant table over with all the good vegetation the rabbits had been feasting on. Then they tied Brer Rabbit up and scared the other rabbits straight out of that rabbit hole.

“What did ya put in that water, Brer Fox?” Brer Rabbit moaned.

Brer Fox chuckled. “Jest some poisonous root I found—you should be out in a minute or three.”

“You c’n chop me, you c’n fry me—do whatever ya like to me! Jest don’t eat or drink from my new table. After I die, my nephew inherits it, and I don’t want nothin’ spilt on it!”

Brer Fox eyed him curiously. “Don’t want us to have a little drink at yer table, eh?” Then he had his fox buddies push that giant table back up so it stood tall and proud again.

Brer Fox found a cup full of a juicy-looking drink that had outlived the fox’s raid since it was sitting away on the fireplace. Tipping it to his mouth, Brer Fox drank it and spilt it right on that giant table. One by one he made each of his old fox buddies drink from that cup and spill some of it on the table, to mock poor Brer Rabbit.

But Brer Rabbit didn’t get scared. He watched as one by one, each of the foxes dropped to the floor like wilting tulips.

Well, then that Brer Rabbit cut his ropes with one of the knives a fox had dropped and began dragging each fox out of his hole one by one. He knew the poisonous root would only put them to sleep and they’d be awake soon enough.

Brer Rabbit grinned at himself in the dead silence of his old rabbit hole. He’d switched those cups around and Brer Fox didn’t even know it this whole time.

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