CW4: The Magpie and the Squirrel


(Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash)

Another assignment in my Creative Writing class– to write a fable similar to Aesop’s fables!

Once there was a Magpie who collected shiny objects for his nest in an oak tree.

Whenever a traveler spent the night in a nearby clearing, the Magpie would swoop down and collect the treasures found in his sack. The Owl who lived in the same oak tree as the Magpie would watch the Magpie do this each time.

One day, the Owl said to the Magpie, “Every time a traveler comes this way, you steal the treasures found in his sack. Why do you do this evil thing, Magpie?”

The Magpie grew very angry and declared, “What right do you have to spy on me, Owl? My business is my own; it is no concern of yours!”

With that, the Magpie proceeded to move his nest along with his shiny treasures to another oak tree nearby.

It turned out, that in this new oak tree, a Squirrel resided in a hollow. The Squirrel was known to be very kind and honest to all.

On a moonlit night that a traveler rested in the clearing, the Magpie thought to himself, “If I can get Squirrel to help me steal from this traveler, I can get more treasure than ever before!”

So he thought up a plan to deceive the innocent Squirrel into helping him rob the traveler.

The Magpie asked the Squirrel, “Do you want to help me collect shiny objects? There is a stream in the clearing that has gold and silver flowing through it, but no one but me knows about it, because you can only see it by the light of the moon!”

Unaware that the Magpie meant to steal these shiny objects from a traveler, the Squirrel agreed. And so, the two proceeded to the clearing.

The Magpie passed the shiny objects to the squirrel, who scurried to deliver them to their oak tree and then ran back to receive more treasures from the Magpie. The Squirrel had poor eyesight, so he never saw the sleeping traveler or the sack that the Magpie was stealing from.

Meanwhile, the Owl watched from afar, and when the Squirrel returned with treasure for the third time, the Owl met him at the Magpie’s oak tree. “What are you doing, Squirrel? Why are you helping Magpie, when he is a fool, stealing from an innocent traveler?”

The Squirrel shrank back at the Owl’s words. “Stealing? I didn’t know we were stealing. The Magpie told me we were collecting them from a stream that had gold and silver flowing through it!”

“There is no such thing, Squirrel!” the Owl declared. “You may not have seen it with your poor eyesight, but I advise you to stop doing this evil deed at once, friend!”

The Squirrel agreed. “Thank you, Owl. I wouldn’t have seen what I was doing if you hadn’t told me so. I’ll forever be indebted to you for showing me the evil I was taking part in.”

“Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you;
rebuke the wise and they will love you.” – Proverbs 9:8

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