C2: Your Song Divine


The assignment was to write a poem with a synonym of a word in each verse. I chose “song”!

God has filled me with a song
that I will sing for all my life.
Radiant is His face to me;
my lips will sing a melody.
All the earth rejoices in His salvation;
the world makes music to praise His name.
Cry out to Him when you’re afraid;
He’ll hear your song and He will save.
Every anthem He hears, every desperate cry;
the Lord will hush with peace and life.

Christ died for us that we should live;
He brought the lyrics to our lips.
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound”—
the hymn of hope, of love profound.
You shower us with mercy;
You overflow us with a melody when we lack everything.
Love You give to my weary heart;
a verse on my lips forevermore.
Open my eyes and ears to You,
so my psalm to You will never end.
Reason my anxious, aching mind,
Set me free with Your song divine.

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