Introducing The Thrall’s Sword



I am writing a novel. Well, I wrote it! And now I am editing and revising it, to the best of my ability, until I can hopefully publish it. Set in the Viking Age, it is Christian historical fiction… with a bit of romance. 😉 In my next post I will give you a short excerpt. You may find this post interesting as well, but it is an excerpt that won’t be in my book anymore, since I have made dramatic changes since. Also, to anyone out there who loves to read, my book is open for constructive criticism from trustworthy people! So, please, don’t hesitate to ask me about it if you’re interested! 🙂

Here is a short synopsis below:

Sigrid, a seventeen-year-old Norse slave, loves the ocean as she does a friend. But the ocean will consume her if she meets her doom of serving Lord Valdemar in the after-life. And after a cruel Viking destroys her mother’s hope, the girl realizes more is at risk than drowning in the sea–and she knows what she must do. However, when a strange boy enters her life, she’s hindered with a torrent of doubts about her secret quest. Which is better: death or pride?

5 thoughts on “Introducing The Thrall’s Sword

  1. Sounds fascinating! I’m always looking to read stories! Especially good Christian novels. I’d be interested in reading and giving thoughts and I look forward to that short part you’ll share. 😀

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    • Thank you!! That would be so awesome if you could read and help me with my story! I see your email from you subscribing to the blog, so I’ll just use that to contact you. 🙂


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