“Little” Things

The little things I think of–

they’ve got to be said.

They can’t just hang in my head

like I’m already dead.


I’ve got to speak out;

I’ve got to come free.

I can’t carry on like this

without an identity.


Deep in my mind, I’m already up there

But when I open my mouth

I’m right back down here.


The things that I say–

they don’t mean anything

I’m just crumbling into pieces

In front of everybody.


I’m living it inside,

but am I living it out?

When I step in the room

do they know what I’m about?


Do they know I’m forgiven

even though I’m so small?

Do they know the Lord gives mercy,

once and for all?


You see, the little things I think of–

they’ve got to be said

Because here I am

Not dead

With these words

That bear meaning

Hanging in my head.


A Way that Prevails

Why is this world so intent on promoting sincerity, tolerance, and open-mindedness? I don’t want to speak sincerely, I want to speak truthfully. I don’t want to be tolerated, I want to be cherished. I don’t want to open my mind to both the right and the wrong things, I want to close my mind on the right things and not let any of the wrong things in.

Jesus is the only Way any of this truth prevails. Even though this world shuns Him, Jesus sacrificed himself in the world’s place, so whoever believes in Him may have His Way inside them for a blessed eternity. The Lord’s Way helps us understand that He is more than a helpless babe in a stable; that He is the Savior of our loss, hurt, and failings, and He is the Giver of redemption, healing, and forgiveness. His Way helps us see that everyday people are dying away, but the Emmanuel has already come, the Herald angels have already sang, and the infant has already rocked away in a manger.

When we choose His Way, we move through a lifelong cycle of accepting His Way, exposing His Way, and learning through His Way about how extravagantly He loves us. Through that cycle we may speak the truth, not based on how strongly we feel, but based on Himself; and we may be cherished by the Lord of the Universe, which leads to cherishing others in return, rather than simply accepting them. His Way also guides us to pursue only godly desires, rather than mingling them with the worldly desires that war within us. And, most importantly, His Way is the only way that will last forever.

So may God have His Way in you this Christmas, friend. And let us each remember what Christ is all about.

As for God, his way is perfect:
    The Lord’s word is flawless;
    he shields all who take refuge in him.” – Psalm 18:30 (NIV)

8 Books and Films I’ve learned from

Nowadays, books and films are a huge part of many people’s lives, subtly shaping our views, inspiring us, connecting us with a character so strikingly similar to ourselves, and sometimes even bringing us down emotionally or spiritually. My film class teacher got me thinking about what novels or movies have made positive impacts on me. So here they are, along with some Bible verses to maybe help you grasp why I think they’re so great. 🙂 Continue reading

Reaching Out

On the silent, whispering mountains

Where creation cries out to God

I climb the highest rock I find

And reach for the highest clouds.


When my arms begin to ache,

I sink to my knees

And raise my voice to sing;

But the words feel as empty

as the sea below

and my throat feels as dry

as the desert far off.


Now I pause and listen


But the only thing I hear is

The breeze rustling past my face.


So I bow my head beside the mountain’s edge,

Thanking God for this day;

But I feel alone and far away

From everything.

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