Then, Now, and Forever

What do goals do? Move you through or out of something? Do they confound you in the present or do they promise a place of wonder in the near future?

The process is arduous at times. So often do we long for the end, for that better place, for that ideal perfection and unity that we envision to be the only way to be satisfied.

Yet does it not exist now? Doesn’t fulfillment come when we fall on our knees before Jesus, who saves us from our┬ápersistence to do what we ought not to do?

We cannot complain that life doesn’t please us. The precious end exists, somewhere in the near future, but now we ought to live for the One who is worthy of our undivided attention. We as believers should stand side by side for the One who can fill us with peace, if we fully believe it–a peace which no one can experience without the Lord. Continue reading

Silence vs. Stillness



Feelings submerged into black holes;

Panic trapped inside,

No one knows where.


Like a heartbeat

I am quick to hide,

Prone to looking inside

Of myself,

But I’m growing weaker everyday.


What to do with the heart of a human?

The love, the hurt, the pain–

Why am I floating in dreary falsehoods?

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