The Thrall’s Sword Poem

My book is called The Thrall’s Sword. This is a poem that goes with the main theme of my book.


Sometimes I am not who you think I am,

Sometimes I am the pounding rain–

And I pound and I pound,

Till I muddy up and sodden the ground,

And then there’s a silence

And I’m afraid that what I just did

Broke a boundary.

I fear I just let go of all the hope of ever loving someone

Whether or not they loved me,

And all the hope of getting that love back.


And then sometimes I am reminded that

There’s a swelling compassion

Not because of what I did

But because of what He’s done–

You know, the Savior who was beaten and nailed

Yet arose and won.

The compassion He carries is so deep and high

And is like an ocean that can’t soak up the ground–

It’s just too wide.

I fear I don’t deserve it, but like I said,

The ocean can’t soak up the ground–

Instead, it swallows the raindrops

That pound and pound

Until the rain immerses into the sea

and becomes a part of it.


I am not the rain, you know,

But I am the billowing ocean, a sail of water,

An undulating machine.

Wave upon wave, over and over,

I swallow the wrath of rain with

His compassion–

You know, the compassion of Jesus who won over the grave

And who won over me.

I swallow the hate, the sorrow, the greed,

Until what once was now

Carries a new identity.

I know I don’t deserve all the hope

Of loving a person

Whether or not they love me;

Or all the hope of getting that love

Back from God.

I fear I don’t deserve it,

But here I am, just some rain

Changed into a sea,

And that’s about as big as I can be,

And it’s all thanks to God that I can

Learn to love

And learn to let Him love me.



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