On The Train

I fondle the yellow marigold between my fingers as the rusty train screeches down the track. The sun shines on me through the dark clouds and through the glass window; the wind pulls my hair out of my face.

“I love you,” says a low, murmuring voice. I turn to the stranger on my right, and then whip my head to the seat behind me.

I shake my head, amused with myself. No one is talking to me. I am alone.

I try to remember when the last time I heard those words was. Too long ago. I’m going home now, to my parents who raised me. But home with them is of one kind, while home with my husband is another. I won’t really be home till I die.

“I love you,” says the voice again.

I grip the marigold, and turn hesitantly to the stranger on my left. “Ma’am…?” I say, my voice breaking.

She is a big woman who is idly knitting a scarf in her lap. “Hmm?”

I give a tight smile. “Did you hear some feller say something?” Continue reading

ABC story

So I tried to write a story with each sentence beginning with the different letters of the alphabet and here’s what happened. I’m not sure if it’s historically correct, but oh well…

A flash of lightening streaked across the night sky. Bethany shuddered, but kept running through the darkness, cold wind caressing her dark brown hair. Catching her breath, she stopped in front of an old, crumbling stone wall. “Danger on the other side,” she remembered the guard’s stern warning. “Everyone who has gone there has never returned.Frank just doesn’t understand, she told herself. God only knows what I’ve gone through, why I have to leave. He’s the only one who’s ever known anything about me; without him I’m alone—completely, totally, and utterly alone. I have to leave, I have to escape this foreboding place and find my family. Just as she set her foot on a stone crevice and started climbing, the light of a torch burned brightly in her eyes. Continue reading