A Relationship With Christ

From the beginning of time, God has desired a relationship with us. He has always, always loved us. Through His son, Jesus, He made is so we can experience a fulfilling relationship with Him both here on earth and up in heaven. He created us to need Him, to want something more than ordinary life, to long for a lasting purpose and an unfailing lover of our souls. Continue reading

Less Than It Is

In many countries, the value of life is extremely low. Human trafficking, shootings, and abortion are among the threats to humanity. Sadly, many of us who are lucky enough to stay alive treat our own life less than it is. We treat ourselves as if it didn’t matter what we did, as if our lives didn’t impact the world around us. Frequently, we don’t realize how wonderful life is: the sun, sky, earth, animals, as well as electricity and running water to improve our lives. We ourselves are unique, independent beings. God created us with so much intelligence, talent, and abilities in hopes we’d let Him use us to be a light to this very dark world. Yet every one of us has times when we take what God created and try to please our sinful desires. We take the good he made and us it to sin. We take His gifts and misuse them. We take power and destroy ourselves. Continue reading

Who am I?

“Who are you?” a voice whispers in the dark.

“I am Jennifer. What about you?” I try to smile in case the voice sees me.

“You are not your name.” The voice is hollow and eerie like the wind. It brings a shiver down my spine.

“I… I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Surely you know who you are.” Continue reading