The Samaritan Woman

Here is the story of the Woman at the Well in the Samaritan woman’s point of view. Some of it is fictionalized, but the idea of it came from John 4. The second part has dialogue taken directly from John 4 (NIV). The Messiah has come!

“Hirsch,” I said to the closed door. “I can fill your water jar.”

“Come in.” Continue reading

We Can Choose

I have been reading the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. As I read it, I feel sorry for the main character, Beatrice Prior, for what she believes. Beatrice, commonly known as Tris, believes she chose the bravery faction, Dauntless, because she couldn’t be selfless like Abnegation. She feels she is too selfish to be selfless. Continue reading

Things I’ve Learned Lately…

I read a book called “Things I’ve Learned Lately” by a teen named Danae Jacobson. She wrote down things she learned in sort of a poetic way, and then explained some of them. Last year, I decided to write down every time I learned something interesting about life. Here are some of them.

Outgoing people aren’t always confident,

Quiet people can be confident—but their silence makes others insecure,

Love is laughter,

People aren’t watching you as much as you think.

You can be friendly to people without making friends with them,

God created us to be like his Son,

We are different enough to admire each other’s uniqueness, but similar enough to relate to one another,

Memories are important. Continue reading

The Beginning Of My “Keira” Novel

Ten-year-old Dee-Dee sunk beside me on the hot sand, torn from exhaustion. I lay beside her, knowing for a fact that I was more worn out than she. Besides that her middle-school nature caused her to chat on and on about who-cares-what, I had an extra burden that she didn’t have: guilt. The guilt was the reason I was here, but I was the reason for the guilt. Dee-Dee’s endless energy and pestering questions only made it worse. Continue reading