An Excerpt From My Viking Novel

One morning I awoke to find Erik missing from his usual place by the fire, flopped on his belly with his blanket over his head. He just wasn’t there. So I yawned and stretched my sore muscles, and then took a good look around. Of course, due to the fog, it wasn’t easy. I was thankful when I heard a familiar voice by where I knew the river we followed was. The voice was familiar, but not the language it was speaking. I couldn’t understand it at all. Continue reading

Memories and Pearls

Here is my first post, a short story I wrote a few months ago about life, the ocean, memories, and pearls.

She stood in the sand. She didn’t know why, but she just stood there, unmoving. Gently, the cool tide washed over her bare feet. The wind blew back her hair, the sun embraced her with warmth. Over and over, the sea rushed forward and back, forward and back, salt and sand caught up in its current. Her feet oozed in the wet sand, sinking further and further as the ocean fell into a tossing rhythm over her ankles, and then, gradually, over her knees. She stood motionless, lost in some enchantment. Continue reading